DECODING ESG: How Our rating framework does it

Stakeholders are increasingly keen to understand corporate exposure to and performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks as this affects all aspects of business from portfolio investments to supplier selection, from employee engagement to project funding and from customer retention to compensation management. Regulatory thrust on transparency through Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) and resourcing through the Green Bond consultation paper by SEBI, accentuates the emphasis on ESG.

India’s first ESG Rating Company,, enables corporates, investors, and bankers to understand a company’s ESG risk exposure and risk management framework through ESG scores. This helps them to directly integrate ESG factors in their decision-making process.

Our ESG scores are based on a wide range of 1000 indicators that have been selected and assigned weights based on their materiality and relevance to specific industries. Each score provides a summary of the corporate’s ESG strategy, initiatives, results, and negative news across 19 critical themes including energy, emissions, water, environmental management, ESG reporting, human rights, community, supply chain, and shareholders’ rights among others.

Download the methodology document to get a detailed understanding of the approach to’s ESG assessment and to understand how it aligns with your decision-making process.

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