Who we are, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acuité Ratings & Research Limited, is India’s first ESG rating company with an India specific assessment framework. Acuité Ratings & Research is a bond and bank loan rating agency accredited by RBI and registered with SEBI.

The global risk landscape is changing. In the coming decades, Indian businesses will increasingly face environmental, social and governance risks. Businesses will have to discover new ways to reduce their environmental footprint and be more efficient and responsible with the use of water, energy and other natural resources. They will also have to integrate cost pertaining to their environmental impact into their product pricing as well as deal with the expectations of various stakeholders in terms of transparency, disclosures and business ethics. Social responsibility too will take a new dimension with automation and technology obsolescence, especially in an economy already burdened with low per capita income and lack of quality employment.

These aspects, in absence of risk management and mitigation mechanism, will aggravate the credit risk for lenders and make returns from investment more uncertain. Simple ESG compliance may not be sufficient to improve companies’ profitability.

This is where an independent, unbiased, forward-looking and nuanced ESG rating system can help corporates with measuring their own performance and relative performance among their industry peers. It enables them in identifying weaknesses and opportunities and strengthening their competitive advantage. An ESG rating system also provides policymakers and lenders with a mechanism to reward high performing companies and helps investors in identifying sustainable business opportunities. aims to be the most preferred provider of ESG Ratings of Indian companies and strives to lead and facilitate the ESG revolution about to sweep the country.

Our Differentiators

Extensive Company Datasets Available for Validation

Our assessments are based on comprehensive data that provides all relevant inputs to our assessment model. The data is available for validation by the respective companies

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We have developed a risk assessment framework and an electronic platform to apply the methodology


Our analysts are trained specifically for ESG risk assessments and they compare the company scores with industry peers and the universe of companies under’s coverage, to assess relative performance and assign the rating


Maintain the ratings by updating data with new disclosures, monitoring negative news and corporate events

Leadership Team

The Acuité Group
Acuité Ratings & Research
SMERA Rating draws upon Acuité Group’s experience in the Indian market accumulated over the last 15 years through ratings of more than 9000+ companies in bond rating scale & a total of 50,000+ SMEs. is part of the Acuité Group company. The Acuité Group – established in 2005 – comprises of Acuité Ratings & Research, SMERA Ratings Private Limited (erstwhile SMERA Gradings & Ratings Private Limited) & Acuité Ratings & Research is a reputed SEBI registered & RBI accredited rating agency specializing in bank loan & bond ratings. SMERA, approved & incorporated by the Ministry of MSME & Government of India, is a pioneer in providing rating & grading services to SME in India. Acuité Group’s major shareholders are SIDBI, Dun & Bradstreet, ICICI Bank, SBI & other leading Indian public sector banks.