Case studies - Janakalyan Financial Services Private Limited


Janakalyan Financial Services Private Limited (JFSPL) was incorporated in 2016 and is a registered NBFC-MFI with RBI. It was established with the objective to provide microfinance services to urban and rural poor, as well as micro and small businessmen, in the underserved geographies of India, with economic opportunities to transform the quality of their lives and create employment opportunities for sustainable income. JFSPL sought to understand their current ESG performance and improve their sustainability practices to be among the best in the industry and achieve ESG excellence among the smaller unlisted players.

Approach proposed a combination of 3 solutions to Janakalyan Financial Services Private Limited

  • Sustainability Grading & Risk Assessment to understand its current standing in the ESG space, a detailed Gap Analysis report with the aim of providing performance gaps, which also additionally suggested a priority order of the ESG measures to be implemented by JFSPL and an ESG training program tailored to JFSPL’s needs
  • developed a specific taxonomy to grade microfinance institutions as it understood that smaller players cannot be assessed in a similar fashion to the larger listed players in the market.
Client Testimonial

Our ESG Gap Analysis report allowed JFSPL to understand its areas of improvement in comparison to its peers in the market

Our tailored ESG training, which was conducted in “Hindi” for better delivery to the team assisted in raising awareness and emphasized the importance & benefits of incorporating ESG in the everyday operations of JFSPL

Janakalyan Financial Services Private Limited