ESG Assessments of Top 1100 Indian Companies

India Inc. has become increasingly responsive to sustainability issues. With the regulatory thrust on transparency through reporting frameworks such as BRSR, ESG compliance is expected to improve considerably in the coming years. The new BRSR disclosure norms, that capture most of the essential elements for ESG risks, have been made mandatory to the top 1100 listed entities from FY 2022 – 23. The norm could likely be applicable to all businesses in the future. Investors and banks are welcoming the enhanced ESG disclosure and reporting practice as it helps them identify exposure and performance related to environmental, social and governance risks in business. 

We support businesses and investors to assess the risks and opportunities associated with the rapidly evolving domain of ESG policy and to analyse the stakeholders’ expectations that drive it. Our objective, independent and comprehensive framework enables investors and banks to make informed financial decisions. 

We are the first ESG rating company to introduce India- focused ESG assessment framework for Indian entities. While some international assessors provide sustainability assessments of Indian companies, their coverage of the Indian market is very limited. ESG India 360, our real-time ESG assessment database of the top 1100 listed companies across 66 industries, enables you to monitor ESG performance of businesses within the industry and the overall universe in general, manage ESG Risks using actionable intelligence inputs and benchmark ESG performance with peers.

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