ESG India Leadership Awards for Leadership in Overall Leadership ESG: Infosys Limited

ESG India Leadership Award

Overall ESG Leadership
Infosys Limited

Overall ESG Leadership Award is presented to Infosys Limited in recognition of their excellent practices in managing environmental, social, and governance impact. Among the company’s key environmental initiatives are a 43.18% reduction in Scope 2 emissions and a 9% reduction in freshwater consumption. Also, 34 projects have achieved the highest green building level. They also offers more than 900 self-learning courses, 25 lakh plus days of global training, 38% women workers, and 20000+ health checks.

Ms. Aruna Newton, Associate Vice President, Head - Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainable Governance and Reporting, Infosys speaks on the company winning the leadership in ‘Equal Opportunity’ and also ‘Overall ESG Leadership’ award