There is a growing awareness among business entities about the implications of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks. Corporates are keen to understand how ESG impacts all the aspects of businesses right from supplier selection, customer retention, employee engagement to areas of management compensation. New disclosure norms such as the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) and the rising popularity of Green Bonds have made ESG an even more formidable investment option. Investors and lenders are getting keener to understand how to factor in ESG principles while constructing a strong portfolio. 

There is so much to learn & share in this space. Our customised training solutions enable you to understand ESG, disclosure requirements, assessment methodologies and answer any questions on ESG adoption. 

Here is a broad structure of our ESG training modules:

  • Scope of ESG in the current business context
  • Overview of Governance, Social and Environmental obligations
  • The cost of making mistakes, CEO jobs, stock price crashes and regulatory fines
  • ESG investment market size and outlook
  • Overview of investor types and their motivations
  • How green and brown investments have performed during boom and bust cycles
  • ESG compliance enforced through regulation
  • What brought about landmark regulatory changes like SOX, Dodd-Frank, MIFID-2, Two-degree alignment, etc.
  • Overview of the governance framework  
  • Difference between governance and management and who is in charge of each
  • How and why organizations ensure probity in compensation practices 
  • Importance of accurate accounting/reporting
  • Understanding the triple bottom line
  • Understanding businesses impact on the environment, both locally and globally
  • Learning how the environmental impact is exported and the cost of growing an economy
  • Water usage by organizations and understanding the concept of water stress
  • Approach to and sustainability of raw material sourcing
  • Good practices in managing toxic waste, packaging waste, and electronic waste
  • Measuring carbon emissions, type 1, 2 and 3
  • Understanding product carbon footprint and impact of carbon on the environment
  • Supply chain labour standards and responsibilities
  • Understanding product safety and quality
  • Business impact on labour, product safety, and data privacy
  • Understand why the social impact of business is not limited to any sector or even a specific geography
  • Favourable and unfavourable labour management practices and health/safety issues.
  • Requirements for privacy and data security
  • Managing health and demographic risk
  • Relevance of ESG in raising capital and market cap


  • Why ESG has become mandatory in constructing investment strategies
  • How is ESG assessment used for proxy voting, transaction advisory, investment advisory and even management change
  • Overview of parameters used for ESG evaluation
  • Understanding governance parameters in detail
  • Understanding social parameters in detail
  • Understanding environmental parameters in detail


Typically, the comprehensive program needs 14 hours of training spread over 2-3 days. You can opt for an online or offline mode for the training sessions.

Additionally, we can develop tailored courses and modules as per your specific requirements.

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